Scottsdale Arizona trip

I had a great little four day trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to check out Scottsdale galleries and have some down time at the Desert Ridge Marriot Resort Spa – a recommended experience for those in search of an extravagant dose of self care. My husband was in Scottsdale concurrently participating in a support role for the Tony Robbins Date with Destiny program.

Most of the contemporary galleries are located on Marshall street downtown Scottsdale. I spent a day and went through each gallery with the intent to enjoy the art and also see where my work would make a good fit. Are the staff friendly? Is the gallery somewhere I would be proud to have my art displayed and sold? These are some things I asked myself during this day.

My favorite gallery by far was the Marshall gallery due to its beautiful wood floors, its open and welcoming display space, and its friendly staff, in particular Tyson Snow who as well as being a fine artist rep is also an exquisite realistic figure drawing artist. His works are inspired from the people and images he sees in Africa on his trips there and look like photographs but are hand drawn in while pencil on black paper, truly powerful work. Tyson has four kids, one of them the same age as my Ruthie (4 ½ ). Hence we resonated on many levels and I hope to see him again!

I also got a chance to meet up with award winning artist John Michael whom I met via the online class Promote your Art with Alyson Stanfield. John and I met at a Starbucks near to downtown Scottsdale and chatted about art, cats, and finding balance between promoting your art, doing your art and living your life. John is a passionate artist and a kind and loving man with a big heart. I know we will be keeping in touch to support each other as we evolve in ourselves and our art. The photo is of John and myself.