Art biz buddy

For the last three months I’ve been participating in an online blog class called Promote your Art, facilitated by Alyson Stanfield. The course was and excellent introduction to many ways and aspects artist can ‘make it happen’ for themselves out there in the world – whether in person or online. I also had a chance to virtually network with artists from all over the US and Canada. The biggest concept I got from this class was how everyone you know can be an ally to your success. That it’s imperative artist support each other. Nine times out of ten, we learned it’s who you know that gets you into that gallery, that show, or whatever you have your sights on.

[Talking about networking from this Promote your Art class, I’ll be in Scottsdale, Arizona next week to check out the art scene and also meet a fellow online class mate; John Michael Kearny! Looking forward to giving you the scoop on the contemporary abstract art in Scottsdale.]

To keep the momentum going after the 'Promote Your Art Class' I serindipisly hooked up a fellow artist whom I recently met via toastmasters and started meeting weekly to work together and support each other from an art business standpoint. We connectd immediatley at toastmasters because Kelly talked about how she'd recently attended the internationally acclaimed Sculptural Object and Functional Art Expo where she went to do some research on galleries who would be a good fit for her fine art jewelry and precious sculpture. I was intrigued and spoke to her after the meeting. The rest is history, we’ve been meeting weekly ever since.

A little bit about Kelly Johnson …After her leaving a technical job in 2006 which included engineering applications and manufacturing with precious metals used in the electronics industry, Kelly chose to apply her passion for metal and fire as a full time professional artist. (Photos of Kelly and her work). Painting in metal with fire is an exciting process, full of a directed kind of chaos with the beauty and science of the materials revealed, and reborn into personal adornment and object. Some of her material is derived from reclaimed unwanted mainstream jewelry and electronics waste, reducing the impact on the planet.

Kelly and I meet every week and discuss our art business and making art, support each other, and work on various aspects of our art businesses. .The last three weeks I’ve been working on a marketing plan and Kelly has been fine tuning a business plan she initially wrote working with women’s economic ventures. This week Kelly was doing a mail out to collectors, contacts and prospective future collectors with beautiful cards she recently had printed with her work on the front.

I can tell you that the benefits are unlimited in teaming up with someone that is in a similar place and supporting each other. Thank you to Kelly for being my art biz buddy.

What support do you have in place for your art and the business of your art? Do you know of any programs or people that help artists? Please do share in the comments section.