Elected Member to the Society of Canadian Artists

Last Friday I received a surprise phone called from Linda Hobly, SCA Vice President of Membership for the Society of Canadian Artists. She called to tell me I was accepted through the jury process as an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artsits - SCA. I am honored and was a bit shocked from the phone call. Thank you Linda for the call and also to the jurers for the helpful feedback as well as encouraging comments on my work.

To celebrate I subscribed myself to three magazines that were on my wish list; Art News, American Artist, and Modern Painters. I’d been meaning to get these subscriptions for a while and this moment seemed like an opportune time. Yay!

The Jury process consisted of submitting five images of my recent work for which I submitted 5 of my favorite pieces from my Raw Expression body of work from this year. I was also asked numerous questions in an application form. Between you and me, I spent 3-4 weeks pondering those questions and really giving them deep consideration. Here’s what they asked and what I said…

What is your vision concerning your work?

My personal vision is to playfully and compassionately illuminate the artist within myself and others. I live this myself by painting daily, practicing, exploring, and always learning. I see myself contributing to the world as an artist, with many bodies of work. As well, I see myself teaching others - not only in abstract mixed media painting techniques - but in the realm of creativity and its process in general. I see my work in galleries throughout the world, in collections throughout the world. I see myself involved and contributing in some way to a growing movement of people understanding the link of healing and creativity. Lastly, as part of my vision, I would like to inspire and mentor younger and beginning artists just as I am being mentored currently by several established artists.

How much of your work is produced independently or with guidance?

I produce all my work independently in my studio at home.

What have you done to develop or improve your work?

2007 Promote Your Art, online class with Alyson Stanfield, MA
2007 Lana Grow, Aquamedia & Collage: Experimental and Energizing, Peninsula Art School, WI. 2007 Nancy Reyner, Encaustics Effects with Acrylic. Santa Barbara, CA
2007 Independent Study, Kanuga Water Color Retreat, Asheville, N. Carolina
2007 Ann Baldwin, Painting and Collage, Santa Barbara, CA
2006 Bob Burridge, Basics in Abstract Acrylic Painting, Burbank, CA
2002-2006 Adolfo Girala; Personal Instruction in Mixed Media and Acrylics
2005 Rick Stitch; Abstract Painting, Santa Barbara City College Adult Ed
2005 Karen Browdy; Collage and Mixed Media, Santa Barbara City College Adult Ed
2002 Introduction to Watercolors, El Camino College Community Education
1998 Ron Mulvuy; Beginning Acrylic Painting, Nelson, BC, Canada.

What contributions have you made to the artistic community?

· 2008 – Currently, I am organizing a workshop for Lana Grow: Experimental and Energizing; mixed media and collage, 5 days, March 5-9,2008. To be held at the Goleta Valley Community Center.
· 2006-7 Class Facilitator of "Live your Creative Dream" using the 9 Modern Day Muses and a body guard by Jill Badonsky (similar to the Artists Way, but more fun)
· 2007 - Working as a Creativity Coach in training with the Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Association.
· Organized the 2007 Nancy Reyner, Encaustics Effects with Acrylic workshop here in Santa Barbara.
· I write a regular - bi-weekly online column with a focus to share contemporary abstract painting techniques using collage, acrylics, and mixed media as well as explore and share my life as a working artist; studio habits, and creative inspiration.

What professional memberships and affiliations to you hold?

Member, Malibu Art Association
Associate Member, SLMM - The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media
Member, The International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA).
Member, Collage Artists of America
Member, International Society of Acrylic Painters

Major exhibitions, galleries, awards.

July – August 2007 Solo Exhibit; ‘Raw Expression’, Sojourner Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA
December 2005 – December 2006; Santa Barbara Weekly Arts and Crafts Show
September - October 2003 Solo Exhibit; ‘Hearts’ Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Redondo Beach, CA
June 2003 Exhibitor; Leche League International Conference, Costa Mesa, CA
May - October 2003 Solo Exhibition; The Coffee Attic, Redondo Beach, CA
April 2003 Exhibitor; Annual Ron Cawdry Springfest Carnival, Redondo Beach, CA
February 2003 Solo Exhibit; Java Man Café, Hermosa Beach, CA
October 2002 Exhibitor; Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, Manhattan Beach, CA
1986, Sophie Clapham Memorial Award in Recognition of Excellence in Fine Arts

Why do you want to become a member of the SCA?

To involve myself with the Canadian art scene and expose myself as Canadian artist. To contribute to art in Canada in terms of my physical art itself but also in the spirit of inspiration, creativity, and mixed media painting. I see myself teaching internationally and would love to give workshops to SCA members in my area of painting expertise. To promote, support and encourage other artists within the organization.

Other pertinent information about your artistic career?

Professional full time artist since 2002. Author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women (Trafford Publishing, June 2002) and a contributing author to Sand in My Bra & Other Misadventures (Traveler’s Tales, April 2003). Regular online writings about art, creativity and mixed media abstract techniques at.

Please present a short biography for SCA use.

Deb Chaney paints large multi layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper using brushes, palette knives, and rags. Her most recent body of work entitled Raw Expression, takes her work to a new level in expressing her deep passion for painting. Deb is currently exploring several bodies of work on both canvas and paper each with its own theme and inspiration. She intends to submit her work to galleries in 2008. Raised in Vancouver, BC she currently lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband and daughter. She has sold over 50 paintings in Canada and the U.S.