Little Magic Moments of Creativity

Opening Up
Deb Chaney 2006
Mixed Media, Acrylics on Canvas
30” x 40” ready to hang with 1” painted edges
Feng Shui Recommendation: Intention is for Health and Vitality, place in the center of your home or office to enrich your Health and Vitality. $ 1,775.00 USD MasterCard/Visa accepted
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Yesterday, before traveling up to Vancouver with my daughter to visit family, I had a small amount of time in the morning in between packing the car, getting myself ready and getting my family up and ready to go.

So…I went into my studio to say good bye and have one last little studio visit. Every night closing up my studio is somewhat of a heart ache and often hard for me to do. I hate to close the door and really acknowledge I’m done for the day. It makes me feel sad. I’ve never done it yet – only for naps during the day – but one night I think I’m going to sleep over with my paintings in the studio all night and see how that goes. Then I won’t have to close up and say good night!

So, to relish my last moments in the studio, I put on some creative mind music (Creative Mind System – free you artistic expression, by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson) and jumped on the re-bounder and just looked around at all the pieces in progress and projects on the go. For a while now I’ve been taken in with those Pure Abstraction pieces and they have been a predominant focus. I finished two of the three and when I’m home will have them photographed for you to see – check back around the end of October. But as well as working on those I’ve been working on a few layered Adolfo style pieces that remind me of watermarks and layers of water and that have really captured me.

But today, in this little magic moment of time, before jetting off to Portland and then Vancouver, what caught my eye were the paper pieces I have had hanging on the studio wall for weeks. You May be able to catch glimpses of these mid-process pieces in the video Peter and I did as we move around the studio and work on our joint piece.

These long left paper pieces, the beginning of a body of work entitled “Vitality” have analogous earth tone colors – naples yellow and iron oxide yellows, iridescent golds and copper, burn umbers, iron oxide reds as their grounds and are similar in color tone and also have the same *Feng Shui Recommendation to the painting shown today at the top of this blog ‘Opening Up’ as well as my last post ‘Leaping into the Unknown’ .

These paper works are specifically about Vitality – what is it to be truly alive? That is the question I have been pondering with these. But they’ve been hanging around the studio, untouched for a while, until this small crack in time when I knew I was leaving, and suddenly these paintings called my name and looked more appealing then ever.

I ended up grabbing my squirt bottle full of black gesso and, like icing a cake, carefully drew a line of little rings along the bottom of one of the painting called; “No mistakes”. Ahhh…it was such a little magic moment of creativity to make that little change, that small step, and move forward on this painting. A true delight. Felt so good.

I relished that small moment all day while entertaining – more like placating - my four year old on two airplanes trips and in waiting rooms at the airport. I kept thinking back to that little moment in time working on my painting. So, maybe it was two minutes, but sometimes that’s all we need.

Keep creating. Notice the magic. The gifts are in the process and the practice.

*Feng Shui Recommendation- I will write more about Feng Shui and using this ancient space decorating concept to art. For now, If you’d like more information about this you can visit my website at