Great painting instructors in mixed media, collage and acrylics

All We Need Is Love
© Deb Chaney 2006
Mixed Media, Acrylics, Collage on Canvas
36” x 36” ready to hang with 1” painted edges
Feng Shui Recommendation: (creativity/children) Hang this painting in the Children and Creativity section of your home if you intend to invite more creativity or children into your life. From the entrance of your room or home, walk to the middle of the room and then turn right, that wall space will be the Children and Creativiy region.

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Recently I am in jury process for membership to the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) with the intent to spread my wings and become more involved with the Canadian art scene. As part of the application process I was asked about my art education and teachers I’d had along the way.

I’ve had some fantastic teachers and many of them I call and email regularly as they continue to act as mentors to me. I am so grateful for these teachers and cheerleaders that have all been a part of helping me to where I am today with my art. Thank you!

In this week I will share with you some of my favorite mixed media, collage and acrylic painting teachers, what I liked most about their teaching, how they’ve influenced me, and if pertinent, what about their work has intrigued and inspired me.

Lana Grow

Lana is extremely organized as a teacher. She comes to class with a clear curriculum and gives each student a full binder with all the notes, materials, techniques, resources, quotes and more that she will teach in class and some things she may not get to but are helpful.
Her workshops are 5 days long which really give you time to get involved in your paintings and learn the various techniques she’s teaching.

Lana is easy going, supportive, compassionate, loving, and encouraging. She will, as needed, veer from her plan to meet her students needs. She knows a truck load of methods and techniques in mixed media, collage, and acrylic painting and never holds back in class. You ask and she will give you 100%. I call her every now and then with questions to which she always delightfully answers! Thank you Lana!

I would say Lana’s influenced me most via the finishing techniques she showed me at her Energizing and Experimental Media workshop I took with her in Door County, WI at the Peninsula Art School. She taught me various ways to look at a painting and see whether it’s finished and then if it’s not feeling complete, she showed me tons and tons of tricks to get it to that finished place.

What I love about her work are all the layers of intrigue and mystery. I took her workshops because I kept looking at her art thinking: “how did she do that?” I love the sense of wonder her work imparts and I wanted to learn this too.