Back in the studio

I got up this morning around 6:30 am and then headed to my studio at 7 after writing my morning pages and making my daughter’s lunch. It was a pretty long labor day lull and I didn’t get a lot of painting done in the last three days. Wayyyy too much TV! I’m currently addicted to that Kyle XY Series – fascinating.

So it felt odd walking into the studio this morning. Time to get back into my creative groove, out of zombie mode. What am I doing to do? I don’t feel like working on that! Lots of resistant thoughts came up. “So what! Let’s do it anyways” is great for when the little voices take over and we freeze up.

Luckily, three large paintings, each 36” x 36”, caught my eye and I had an idea of adding a little transparent yellow oxide. So I just threw some paint on and started working. Then a little ultra marine blue.

Also, I have some music ( my husband picked it up somewhere and put it in my studio as a gift) that really gets me flowing creatively too, so I put “Creative Mind System – free you artistic expression”, by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. And before I knew it my daughter was up and it’s now 8 am!

So this is what’s its really about .Being in that zone where time disappears and there is just the color and texture and small questions like “what would work next?” It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling to be lost in time like this and this is why I work as an artist. Because my work is play.