Original Artwork Sales and Rentals

Do you love Deb's artwork and are you ready to make a purchase? Do you live in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland of BC ? Great!
Please contact Deb Chaney  for a studio visit to see available inventory.

Do you love Deb's artwork, are you ready to purchase an artpiece, but you live somewhere  exotic like Florida, Australia, or Iceland (or some other beautiful place in the world)? Great! You can purchase almost all of Deb's original works via  Saatchi Art Website. Your artwork will be shipped to you.

Vernon, BC - Public Art Gallery Sales and Rentals

VPAG has a small collection of Deb Chaney's original artworks available for sale or rent. Please Contact Carmen Winther info@vernonpublicartgallery.com  +1 (250) 545-3173 for viewing. Located at 3228 31 Ave, Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 2H3.


Los Angeles, California,USA - D2 Art& Sala Interiors

D 2 Art & Sala Interiors display suite and art rental gallery has several framed pieces on paper from the Fragments of Life Series. Please contact Danica Derpic for an appointment to view, purchase, or rent the work. Email: d2art@me.com Phone: +1 (301) 570-6500. Website www.d2art.com

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Prints Available via Saatchi Online Art Gallery

Prints on canvas and fine art paper of Deb Chaney's artwork are available online at Saatchi Online Gallery.


Prints Available via HFA - Hambleton Fine Arts Services

Custom prints are now available in almost any size and on a variety of substrates through Hambleton Fine Art Services, based in Vancouver, BC. +1 (888) 298-0731 info@customartservices.com Please contact Melissa Manser for custom requests melissa@customartservices.com