Deb Chaney has been a professional working artist for over a decade, specializing in contemporary abstract paintings in mixed media and acrylics. She teaches and speaks about the creative process and living an inspired empowered life. She stands for each of us being creative beings and aims to inspire others in their own unique and spiritual process. Deb loves being outdoors; hiking, camping and meditating in nature. She is a mother of a beautiful teenage girl and has recently learned to play guitar. 


Interview featured in The Georgia Straight [Read full article]

“When does god appear?” she says, reflecting on her series entitled When Physicality Meets Spirituality, a series that features abundant and magnificent skylines relative to small sliver of earth below. “For me, it’s a tangible experience. It’s something that can be felt – an ethereal lightness with a lot of energy.”

"A post-religious spiritualist, Deb aspires to capture the essence of the universal consciousness – what she is referring to when she says “god” – through her art. She expresses this on canvas and paper, but channels it through meditation and yoga."



"Deb Chaney is one of the most passionate and dedicated artists I know. Her enthusiasm for her work is not only contagious but also inspirational. She actively follows through with her intentions more than most other artists I have worked with. She uses her assertiveness and ingenuity to go to every effort to make happen that which she sets out to complete. Her vision is courageous and innovative and is bound to bring beauty and thoughtfulness to any environment in which her work appears."

- Jill Badonsky, Author and Creativity Coach


Art Review -  Rob Wall Gallery Bowen Island

"Deb Chaney made a lasting impression on me artistically and personally. Deb's Chaney's art exudes her positive and balanced soul with expressions of freedom melded with wisdom in her strokes. Her work is very visceral and accessible as you are drawn into her creative world. Many abstract expressionist try to achieve what she easily accomplishes naturally with her peaceful blend of colourism and impressionism employed in her abstraction. Chaney is a must see and meeting her is a true pleasure which in my mind is the majority of the experience of acquiring art as we often need to identify with the artist and the art. I look forward to her next show as she is realizing her full potential and I'm sure she has a deep well of creativity as she is a truly an inspiring artist a wonderful human being."

- Rob Wall, Rob Wall Gallery Bowen Island BC December 2013.

"From our first connection, I know how serious Deb was about what she was doing with her life and how she was going to share it with the world. Her commitment to her career is evidence in the time she has dedicated to setting up her art business and learning about the art world. Even more refreshing, is Ms. Chaney's interaction with other artists. I have witnessed her not only as fearless about seeking advice from others, but generous in helping her colleagues. She is a true team player and makes a vital member of the artist community."

- Alyson B Stanfield, Stanfield Art Associates

Style at Home Magazine. 2015. deb chaney Feature painting 'birds on a wire'

Style at Home Magazine. 2015. deb chaney Feature painting 'birds on a wire'

Article Featured in Kabuni [Read full article]

"Upon entering Deb’s studio, you are first struck by the number of materials she has at hand. She describes the workspace as ‘organized chaos’ but it is easy to feel like a child in a toy shop as you take in the shelves of gold leaf, gravel, enamel, glass beads, stencils and sand that she uses for collaging - a big part of her process. Deb is also a master of polymer mediums which she uses as varnishes to create oily or waxy effects on the surface of her paintings in the final stage of her work."

"Deborah stands out above many competent and passionate students I have taught over the years. She has tremendous energy and passion to learn and express her inner being. She has the ability to attain great work. Her tenacity is unparalleled. when she says she will do something she follows through with tremendous fervor and accomplishes beyond the original task."

- Lana L. Grow, AWS

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