Deb Chaney

Artist Statement

These bodies of work of contemporary abstract paintings began in 2009 and continues to evolve today. Each of my paintings is an echo of my own personal evolution and life journey. I begin with a white sheet of roughly textured 23” x 30” 300 pound watercolour paper, a palette knife, some heavy body acrylic paint and the compelling need to create. In the beginning I often don’t know what the painting is about. As the process evolves, I learn about the painting and myself. Each painting can be a culmination of up to 20-30 layers added and taken away, taking anywhere from a week to several months to reach completion.

During this time I am in a relationship with this piece, understanding what the painting has to teach me and show me. Often there is contradiction and tension – fuel for the creative fire. The blending and glazing of colours, the scratching and removing of paint to reveal under colours, the embedding of collage ephemera, the use of pencil and conte markings and scribblings all expressions of feelings of the beauty and the pain, the freedom and the frustration, the evolution and sense of being suspended in time, all encompassed in this journey of life. All these paintings are the fragments of my life.

Artist Biography

Deb Chaney is a contemporary abstract artist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. An elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), she has been creating a new body of work each year and exhibited and selling her paintings to private collectors and corporate collectors internationally for over a decade. Her work was described in The Georgia Strait as: “Spiritual consciousness revealed in a physical form. Deb Chaney’s works have a healing intention and she creates her large mixed media paintings with many layers of translucent colour, and infusions of light, and earthy ephemera.” In 2014 her painting entitled ‘Storming’ won an honourable mention in the 9th Annual Female Artist Competition based in London, UK.

She has been a featured artist on Saatchi Online Gallery. In 2015, Deb’s work appeared tin Style at Home Magazine, and in 2014 in the 3rd edition of BC Artists (Leighton Press, 2012). In 2009 Rainmaker Inc. featured her work in a film. She has been a featured a aritst in the Georgia Strait Newspaper (2014) and listed in Vancouver City Buzz as one of Vancouver’s Top Up and Coming Artists To Watch (2013). She has made TV, Radio, print and online interview appearances including: Novus and Telus TV, CBC Radio, and BCIT & Vancouver Co-op Radio.

Artist Reviews

“Deb Chaney made a lasting impression on me artistically and personally. Deb’s Chaney’s art exudes her positive and balanced soul with expressions of freedom melded with wisdom in her strokes. Her work is very visceral and accessible as you are drawn into her creative world. Many abstract expressionist try to achieve what she easily accomplishes naturally with her peaceful blend of colourism and impressionism employed in her abstraction.

Rob Wall, Rob Wall Gallery Bowen Island BC Canada
December 2013

Chaney is a must see and meeting her is a true pleasure which in my mind is the majority of the experience of acquiring art as we often need to identify with the artist and the art. I look forward to her next show as she is realizing her full potential and I’m sure she has a deep well of creativity as she is a truly an inspiring artist a wonderful human being.”